Party of Regions’ members trying to take control over the NHSU

28 January 2020

The National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU) is the national insurance provider, which guarantees medical services for all citizens of Ukraine, has started a contest for the post of the Head of the NHSU today.

The NHSU finances the “Available Medicine” (Dostupni Liky) program; a primary healthcare link - by signing contracts with hospitals and family doctors; allocates funds for the treatment of each patient, and thus provides free services to Ukrainian citizens with their family doctors, pediatricians and nurses.

The changes in the primary link are the most successful transformations in the healthcare system today. Starting this year, the changes will also spread and affect the secondary link in the system of healthcare. 

A total of 72billion UAH ($2.9 billion USD) of Ukrainian taxpayers’ money are allocated for financing medical services in clinics and hospitals in 2020. These funds will also be managed by the NHSU.

After the resignation of Oleg Petrenko, the NHSU found itself without a Head. Mr. Petrenko’s decision was motivated by the difference in values which he had with the new management of the Ministry of Health and the Profile Committee. This is a signal of a real threat to the transformations taking place in the system.

The results of the competition will decide on who will become the next Head of the NHSU. Taking the list of candidates into account, there is a risk that the NHSU might end up in the wrong hands, putting the fate of millions of Ukrainians in jeopardy.

MP Ustinova Alexandra has shared a list of all the candidates ➡, which includes an ex-Member of the Party of Regions, who taught Heart Institute employees (by invitation of the controversial Borys Todurov) to cover-up criminal acts. Other applicants include people with no work experience in the sphere of healthcare, who simply apply for any available vacancies in the government.

Since the competition began with little publicity, few candidates were able to apply. Therefore, it is very important to spread this information and to keep a close public eye on the way the competition process.

Three candidates from the current NHSU team have applied for the post, among them - the Acting Head of the NHSU Oksana Movchan, the Deputy Head of the NHSU, Natalia Ryabtseva, and the Director of the Central Interregional Department Andriy Vilenskyi.

Andriy Vilenskyi also came to the NHSU with Petrenko's team. After that, he was the chief physician of the network of private clinics "Dobrobut", and then worked in a private clinic “Isida” together with Oleg Petrenko.

NHSU is a strategic institution. Allowing an ex-Member of the Party of Regions or an oligarch’s puppet, to take control over the institution poses a threat to national security.

❌ Who is a potential threat?

◾ Andriy Shypko

❌Ex-Member of the Party of Regions 

❌Voted for the dictatorship laws on January 16, 2014.

❌Served as the Deputy of Yuri Vilkul (the father of the former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine in the government of Azarov – Oleksandr Vilkul) in the Dnipropetrovsk City Council.

❌Was the subject of multiple corruption investigations.

❌A member of the Russian Orthodox Church, who received the building of the Chamber of Organ Music for his voting on the Dnipropetrovsk City Council - despite the protests of locals.

❌Mr. Shypko is in possession of over a million US dollars in cash, luxury goods, and elite autos.

❌Mr. Shypko had dreamed to become the “Curator of Medicine”, which he referred to himself in an SMS-dialogue (,  that was exposed by journalists.

❌In his interview with Ukrainska Pravda, oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi named Shypko the most probable candidate for the post of the Minister of Health of Ukraine ➡

❌Mr. Shypko did not vote for the Law “On State Financial Guarantees of Medical Services for the Population” and was against its adoption.  Now he wants to lead the institution which is the embodiment of that transformational law. This contradicts all Shipko's previous actions and confirms his intentions to use the NHS for personal enrichment. It is a ridiculous thought that this person can be the Head of the NHSU.

◾ Vadym Aristov, who is responsible for the scandal that took place in the Heart Institute over a year ago. Borys Todurov organized a training in the institution with the goal to teach the staff how “to behave properly” in case of activists entering the building ➡ This took place after the incident with “titushka” (thug) Krysin, who was hiding in the Pediatric Department of the Heart Institute. This training was led by Vadym Aristov. It is also ridiculous that this person is applying for the post of the Head of NHSU.

You can read and share more info about the candidates here: ➡

As a reminder, in just over a year the NHSU has lead the transformations in the system of healthcare. A completely new primary care mechanism has been launched.  State budget money now follows the patients, paying for the services of family doctors, pediatricians, and nurses. Nealry 30 million declarations have been signed with family doctors, providing their services for free.  At the same time, salaries dramatically increased for family doctors, pediatricians and nurses. In addition, the NHSU team launched the first contact center, and developed important regulatory documents to transform the system. Reimbursement and electronic prescriptions for the “Available Medicines” program are also an achievements of this team. You can read more about the accomplishments of Oleg Petrenko and his team here:

The fate of the medical transformation in Ukraine will strongly depend on the results of the competition for the Head of the NHSU, especially since old and murky characters are preparing to return and burn the new system to the ground.

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