What should be done in Ukrainian healthcare in 2020

30 January 2020

In the new edition of Tyzhden’ World 2020:

The next year will definitely become a decisive challenge for the transformation in the system of healthcare in Ukraine. The changes in the financing system in hospitals and poly clinics, the transit to a new internship model, the launch of transplantation, and many other factors are key reasons for this challenge. Additional challenges already appear before the Ministry of Health because of the loss of professional civil servants who quit their posts due to differences in values with the new administration. We prepared a “to do” list for the sphere of healthcare in 2020 at the request of “Tyzhden’”.

One of the key challenges is to finally recognize healthcare as a national security issue. Most people in Ukraine, when talking about national security, mean defense of borders, the army, the navy, etc. However no country can develop without healthy, able-bodied citizens.

In the finance world, healthcare is most often viewed in the context of expenses.  However in reality, financing must be seen as an investment in human capital. The bigger the number of disabled citizens, the lower the economic development rate. As a result, the opportunities for development of the whole society are reduced. Thus, this is a real threat to the national security of the country.

Changes to secondary and tertiary medical facilities should begin in April 2020. The state will no longer fund the hospital walls and buildings. Instead the state will pay money for specifically provided medical services. The transition to a new system will require much effort and political will. However, this stage of transformation must be started on time and implemented in close coordination with the regions and the medical community, despite the loud and destructive cries of opponents.

In addition to improving the accessibility of healthcare, we also need to continue working on improving of its quality. Many changes in medical education in Ukraine have already been introduced: ,  It is very important to continue on the same path and introduce a new internship model with transparent automatic distribution, which will completely remove corruption out of the calculation.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will also need to change the financing of scientific activities in 2020. Grants must be awarded to accomplished scientists for specific developments, while the imitation of research activity and payment of rates alone - must finally become history.

A gradual but steady increase in the budget of healthcare and the vaccination rate of our citizens should become the priorities for the government. Let us not forget that we are dealing with a matter of national security.

You can read more on the challenges in healthcare in the new edition of Tyzhden’: World in 2020.

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