Neglected Infections: How the COVID-19 Epidemic in Ukraine was Compounded by Institutional Incompetency and Media Malpractice

06 Липень 2020

This event will be held virtually as a Zoom webinar and streamed via YouTube Live. There will be no in-person event.

Register here for the Zoom webinar, or tune in on YouTube Live.

Please join the Ukrainian Studies Program at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University for a webinar with Ulana Suprun, M.D. Professor Mark Andryczyk will moderate the discussion.

COVID-19 was recognized as an outbreak in China on December 31, 2019, and declared a Public Health Emergency by the WHO on January 30, 2020. Ukraine’s government had two months to prepare a plan before the first case was diagnosed on March 3, 2020. Due to the comorbidity of “neglected infections” such as weak government institutions and constant disinformation campaigns as part of Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine, the response was chaotic in its implementation and communication. The crisis has revealed the need for the creation of strong, independent institutions and information hygiene measures to ensure resiliency.

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